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Double Axle Butterfly Mixer

SJ - Double Axle Butterfly Mixer

Butterfly Mixer
Butterfly Mixer
Butterfly Mixer

Butterfly Mixer Description

The double axle butterfly mixer is a highly efficient mixing and dispersing equipment for highly viscous material, such as offset ink, adhesives, and putty. There is also a vacuum option for de-foaming / removing air bubbles for the product.

This machine is recommended to be used with an extruder when working with high viscosity material. This will ease the user while filling the material into the desired container.

Product Advantage

High efficiency mixing equipment. The mixing device is three leaf butterfly blade. Vacuumize during mixing process to improve quality.Also, it can both mix and move up and down automatically to improve production efficiency. It’s applicable for high viscosity putty, adhesive and offset ink industry.

1. DSJ Series products are standard common type. The vacuumize type is ZDJ series, other technical parameter same.

2.The machine is applicable for high viscosity chemical material. If there is some difficult in outlet when produce high viscosity material.the high viscosity extruder is suggested to use together with this machine.

*Custom made is ok for us.

Butterfly Mixer Technical Specifications



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