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Horizontal Sand Mill

Horizontal Sand Mill

Horizontal Sand Mill Application range:

1. Automobile paint

2. Ink

3. Emulsion paint

4. Black carbon

5. Titan white powder

6. Industry paint

Horizontal Sand Mill Features

The milling chamber designed with cone shape makes the abrasive medium get high energy at the entry of meterial inputting. So the material can be milled strongly once the material enters the chamber, The milling result is better than the straight-shaped sand mill. Though it is the single jacket cooling, but the designers treat the ralationship among the inner diameter of milling chamber of milling chamber,outer diameter of dispersing disc and the RPM of motor of the thick shaft in scientific way. So the equipment has the advantages of low temperature and high efficiency of dispersion.

The spearating type dynamic dispersing part made of powder metallurgy hs the advantagesof self-cleaning, no blocking up and super wearing resistance.

WST series sand mill’s mechanical sealing is made in BURgmann. The surface of dynamic and static rings is made by carbonized tungsten. The O type ring is made by Teflon, which can bear the corrosion caused by strong solvent and can work for long time.

For the special requirements from the clients, much material can be chosen for the WST horizontal sand mill’s grinding cylinder and dispersing disc, such as zirconium oxide, Teflon, compound material,etc, They have the features of solvent-proof,zero pollution and high wearing resistance.


Horizontal Sand Mill Technical data

Type Volume(L) Power(KW) A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) Weight(Kg)
WST-20 20 15 1430 320 700 1140 850
WST-30 30 18.5 1520 1430 700 1280 1090
WST-40 40 22 1670 1500 740 1400 1150
WST-50 50 30 1800 1600 800 1500 1350
WST-80 80 37 1780 1690 1180 1090 1800
WST-100 100 45 1830 1750 1280 1140 1950
WST-200 200 75 2294 2150 1470 1164 2440


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