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High-Viscosity Fine All-Round Bead Mill


  high-viscosity fine all-round bead mill appication in Offset printing ink, Screen printing ink, Condensed ink, Ultra-violet printing ink, Gravure printing ink, Rubber gravure printing ink, Waterbonrne printing ink, Paints etc.

WSK-type high-viscosity characteristics of ultra-fine all-round bead mill:

1. Universal strong, easy to operate, equipment, Siemens PLC to control color printing and graphic simulation of production and with a touch screen (option).
2. For the mass production of more than 150KG / h more than one product, the production capacity of up to 500KG / hour.
3. Conical grinding tank, grinding to achieve the best results.
4. Self-cleaning type, high-precision separation of ring diameter of 0.8 ~ 2.5mm can be used for grinding media.
5. Processing of regional small and enclosed ground, so that pollution is minimized.
6. Grinding area of thid bead mill machine using a special high wear-resistant alloy steel materials to ensure the life of the equipment.
7. Equipment used all imported high precision bearings and full import of double acting mechanical seal, to ensure that the equipment service life and stability.
8. The integration of circulating cooling and heating system for temperature sensitive materials.

Bead Mill Parameters WSK-80 WSK-120 WSK-180 WSK-280
Motor power(KW) 22~37 37~45 45~55 55~75
Grinding media(mm) 0.8~2.0 0.8~2.5 0.8~2.5 1.6~2.5
Capacity(kg/h) 50~300 100~300 150~500 250~800
Chamber volume(L) 9 13 15 20
Compressed air (bar) 2~6 2~6 2~6 2~6
Width(mm) 1100 1800 1650 1680
Length(mm) 1550 1260 2000 2020
Height (mm) 1600 2200 2500 2550
Spout ground clearance (mm) 1100 1400 1500 1540
Weight(kg) 1200 2200 3000 3800

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