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Double-side Labeling Machine

Labeling Machine


Labeling Machine Summary

This Labeling machine can meet the requirement of GMP, Safe, health, environment during the flat bottle/double side labeling! The equipment adopts SIEMENS PLC control, the French Schneider motor drive, carborundum drive roller, with high speed, high precision, high stability, durability, flexible use, can greatly improve the production efficiency, save costs.Double labeling machine is mainly suitable for double-side stick fix- point label of flat bottle in cosmetic, medicine, health products, food, chemical and other industries . Code machine, printing machine is optional which can print production date, batch number, validity and

other information during labeling!. This machine adopts photoelectric detection, stepless speed regulation, has the advantages of high precision. No bottle, no labeling, automatic correction when no label, automatic detection, etc.


Labeling Machine Function and specification

1. Whole electrical control system is PLC, English touch operation screen, very convenient!

2. have memory stored program function, can store 50 set of parameters. And can give a name to different programs. Replacement of different specifications or with different production capacity, simply calling the different parameters, don’t need to adjust again, greatly improve the work efficiency.

3. conveyor belt, bottle separator device, positioning rotation mechanism is drive by individually adjustable motor. The labeling head can be adjusted in multi-direction, convenient operation.

4. When there is 200 pcs label left, the machine will alarm automatically, and When label is used out , machine will alarm and stop automatically.

5. Label position and stop- pole can be adjusted according to bottle size, can several bottle size , just using one machine!

6. The machine adapt high stable USA AB brand inverter to control motor, that is to say, Frequency control of motor speed

7. With the method of correlation electric eye, can ensure the stability of the detected object, not effected by the color of the surface, reflective high inequality factors, thus ensuring stable stick mark, no mistakes.

8. all accessories including cabinets, conveyor belt, stop lever, and even small screws are all made of stainless steel or aluminum materials, never rust, no pollution ,ensure compliance with environmental requirements.

9. all system control components through strict incoming

inspection test, ensure the stable and reliable functions.

10. Labeling machine working condition and fault has alarm function, make the operation, maintenance is more convenient.

11. The system has the function of manual and automatic setting, automatic setting function can automatically set the label pre – length, can automatically set the best pre- length of label,- do not need to several time manually set, save debugging time.

Labeling Machine Main parameter

1. Label-delivery device: control by Germany SEW servo motor

2. Label speed: flat bottle double-side :above 90 bottle/min (depend on actual label and bottle size)

3. Label accuracy:+/-1mm( do not include the error of bottle and label itself

4. Label out speed:3-50m/min

5. Conveyor speed: 5-30m/min

6. Main machine direction: right—left

7. Bottle as customer

8. Labeling Machine dimension: 3000*1600*1780mm


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